Meet Mari - Our new team member!

Meet our new team member Mari! She is our brand new Production and Purchasing Manager.

Myssy Contractor pilot for wool producers

Would you like to become part of Myssy's story? Myssyfarmi is starting a contractor pilot for Finnish wool producers. 

Learn to knit: Easy teachnique videos

You've probably heard about our easy My Myssy DIY Kits that include everything you need to start knitting. Now we've also created some easy technique videos for you to get started.

What does MyMyssy DIY Kit include?

Are you interested in knitting but don't know where to start? Do not fret! Our MyMyssy DIT Kit comes with everything you need to start knitting. Let's have a look what the kit includes!

New: Myssy Sweater Knitting Kit!

Due to popular demand, here is our first ever Myssy Sweater as a DIY kit! This My Lato sweater is a simple and timeless garment, and it's the perfect project for a beginner.

Unique Week is here!

It's that time of the year again! Our legendary Unique Week is here from February 16th to 23rd.

Four health benefits of knitting

Knitting is undeniably a great skill. With just few stitches you are able to create amazing accessories. But did you know that knitting is not just a fun past time, it actually provides a lot of health benefits? We listed four known health benefits of knitting!

Myssy 2.0 with an organic silk wool lining!

Something that Myssy friends have been asking from us these past years is an added lining to our Myssy hats! As a cold vortex has taken over Finland, we have some great news for you: Now you can add an organic silk wool lining to your Myssy!

Looking for the best ski hat?

Did you know that wool is the most suitable material for winter sports clothing? Here’s 3 reasons why, as well as the best beanies for skiing!

Matintalo hiihtää kovempaa kuin koskaan - ja poseeraa upeissa Myssyn kuvissa

Myssyfarmin ja Johanna Matintalon monivuotinen yhteistyö poiki  managerisopimuksen ja uusia taustavoimia. Suomalaisen hiihdon tuleva supertähti loistaa jälleen kuvissa. 

Meet our first Myssy Grandpa Rauno

It's with a lot of excitement that we present your our first ever Myssy Grandpa!

Happy Birthday, Myssy 15 Years!

To celebrate the birthday we wanted to share some photos from the Alpine days.

Myssyfarmi Annual Review 2020

This special and challenging year has treated us well. See what kind of adventures we had this year!

Holiday delivery schedule

Can you believe Christmas is already next week? We've been busy packing Myssy beanies and shipping them as gifts around the world, and we wanted to make sure you get yours on time too. Here's a friendly reminder of our delivery times during this busy holiday season. 

Myssyfarmi Holiday Shop

We welcome you to Myssyfarmi Headquarters for some holiday shopping. Buy handmade gifts for friends and family or get a DIY kit to make your own!

Why we choose to be 100% Finnish

Today is the Independence Day here in Finland. And as it’s highly important for us to keep the production of our garments in Finland, we decided to share some thoughts about it with you. Why do we choose to do things this way - and stick with it, even though it isn’t always easy?

2020 Granny Calendar

What would be better than a Christmas Calendar with The Myssy Grannies! Every day we will be introducing one of our beloved grannies on Instagram, together with video greeting in our stories. 

Myssy Gift Guide: 5 Reasons to Choose Myssy!

Now is the moment to do all your holiday shopping at once. These handmade gifts are loved by everyone. Hand-knitted by our Myssy Grannies, all our garments are made in Finland from 100% organic Finnsheep wool.

Muodin Mustat Lampaat haastavat valitsemaan kotimaista

Vastuulliset suomalaisbrändit haluavat herättää ihmiset panostamaan pieniin suomalaisiin toimijoihin käsillä olevan amerikkalaisen kulutusriehan Black Fridayn sijaan. Tulevan viikonlopun 20.-22-11 ajan on tarjolla etuja suomalaisten brändien verkkokaupoista ja kivijalkamyymälöistä. 

Janne Rauhansuu elected the next chairman of board of The Finnish Organic Association

The founder of Myssyfarmi Janne Rauhansuu was elected yesterday as the next chairman of board of The Finnish Organic Association for 2021-23. We congratulate Janne on his new official post.

Albireo - Breaking Boundaries

Albireo is no basic beanie. This double colored hat has a multicolored pom pom with an astronomical spirit. You can wear this beanie conventionally rolled or let it hang loose with the pom pom jumping around. 

Myssy Grandmas knit the world’s first Spinnova-wool hat

Today we're making history and knitting the future, as the real Myssy Grannies of Myssyfarmi are knitting the first hat ever made of Spinnova fibre and wool. The knitting takes place at the shop window of the Sokos department store in central Helsinki.

Myssy Grannies knitting at the Sokos Window again - With extra surprise!

This Friday, on October 30th, we are heading to Helsinki with our Myssy Grannies to knit at the Sokos Department Store window.

#MyMyssy - Do it yourself or surprise dad on Father’s Day!

This spring we tested MyMyssy knitting kits and the bestseller colors sold out within days. Now we have decided to bring the MyMyssy knitting kits back to our webshop - and for good!

5 Faktaa Villasta

Villa on todellinen luonnon supermateriaali. Se on lämmin ja kestävä luonnontuote, joka sopii niin säähän kuin säähän. Vaatteissa villa on elinikäinen kumppani. Kokosimme 5 faktaa villasta.

New: Myssy x Nightwish

The world famous Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish has published today our collaboration: Myssy x Nightwish beanie.

Myssy x Sasta: From Pöytyä to Paris!

This Myssy X Sasta collection celebrates Finns as an ultimate outdoor nation.

Myssy Breakfast with The Grannies

Here's some mood shots from our PR-event with the Myssym Grannies in Helsinki.

New Collection: Aura Scarf

This simple and playful loop scarf has a flow of its own. The collection was designed to honor the valley of the river Aura, a national landscape here at Pöytyä

Myssy Gift Package Selected the Best in Finland!

It’s finally official: Myssyfarmi's gift packaging is the best in Finland. We were honored to receive the award for the best package design in Finland’s most significant creative design competition, Vuoden Huiput, leaving many big names behind.

Introducing Ahti, a True Fisherman's Beanie!

This is a true Fisherman’s beanie that Ahti himself would wear. Wool is a naturally water-repellent material and our yarns contain lanolin, the natural grease of the wool, making the Ahti beanie particularly good for wet conditions.

The Myssy Film is Here!

Our Myssy brand film is out now. Whereas Myssy has nothing to do with fashion, neither has the fim. The film includes some guaranteed Pöytyä shenanigans: tractors, fields, baseball, sheep, and knitting needles!

New Season, New Shop!

This Friday we published our new webstore with lot of new content, and a much better Myssy user experience.

Myssyfarmi Open Doors

Myssyfarmin vuotuisia Avoimia Ovia vietetään tänä vuonna Haverilla Kulttuurirallin hengessä SU 30.8. klo11-16.

The first Myssy Summerhat is here!

The coolest summer hat Myssyhattu hat is now here! Myssyhattu is knitted with 100% organic Finnsheep wool. It'll protect you from the sun with style — in the cliffs of Rymättylä or in the boulevards of Nice.

MyMyssy | Make your own Myssy!

“Could you sell me some of your lovely yarn to knit?” “No, we don’t sell yarn.” Except that now we do! We want to surprise all our Myssy Friends locked down at home and offer a possibility to knit #MyMyssy!

Large Amount of Finnish Wool Wasted Yearly

Despite being a high-quality material, more than 60% of Finnish wool is currently burned as waste due to the low market value of untapped business opportunities. We aim to change this by putting the wool into use and paying the sheep farms a fair price for their work.

Myssyfarmi Annual Review 2019

Warm thanks Myssy Friends for this badge since 2019! A lot has happened and growth has come, so here is a review of the events of the last year.

Myssy x Costo | Competitors in Collaboration!

Finnish accessory brands Costo and Myssyfarmi launched their collaboration today. Not a very typical of two brands perceived as direct competitors, or what do you think? Costo and Myssy are both known for ethically produced quality headwear. Collaboration is a handmade Myssy pompom designed for Costo hats.

What's This? Still Green on Black Sheep Day?

Due to the discrimination of black sheep, we are desperately missing black wool from our yarns as the white sheep are dominating the sheep farms. On this day we celebrate all the black sheep - all the misfits.

Myssy crowdfunding has opened!

Our first equity crowdunding campaign is here. This might as well be the first ever farm-based crowdfunding campaign in Finland. Our campaign had a great take off today and now you have the chance to join our story!

Myssy Grannies at Sokos Again!

This year we will do it again - the Myssy Grannies will be knitting in the shop windows of Sokos Helsinki! This year you will see them not only in one but two windows both facing Mannerheimintie.

We buy high-quality organic Finnsheep wool

We are looking to buy Finnsheep wool. We have accute needs for white, brown and black wool.  

Myssyfarmi Supports Black Sheep

Here at Myssyfarm we want to end the discrimination based on the wool colour of black and brown sheep. In the world of sheep, the wool of black sheep is only 70 cents, where as white sheep is a whole Euro.

Myssy x Kyrö Distillery

Collaboration of Myssyfarmi and Kyrö Distillery was launch Sept 26th with a bid media hype. The inspiration for the collection came from Isokyrö, and the hats were knitted by Myssy Grannies from Kyrö, Pöytyä.

Myssy Originals x Fin-24

Here at the farm we nowadays surf the fields, but the passion for the wind never dies. We are proud to announce our cooperation with the reigning world champion in windsurfing, Aleksandra Blinnikka! 

Myssyfarm for Silverin Vuoden Huiput -competition

Thursday April 14th 2019 dreams came true as Myssy won silver prize at Vuoden Huiput, Finland's most significant creative design competition. Our slogan and brand texts were awarded among with some really big Finnish brands and agencies.

Grannies Knitting in Shop Window in Helsinki

Myssyfarmi is moving a piece of Pöytyä to the Helsinki city center on Saturday, as the local retired ladies, known as Myssy Grannies, arrive to knit in the shop window of Sokos! Myssy Grannies will knit Myssyfarmi’s woollen hats, Myssys, and they will be sold on the spot.

Comment: We Should Stop Wasting Finnish Wool!

In cooperation with the chemical cocktail blog and Noora Shingler, we published a declaration on behalf of domestic wool. Myssyfarmi is one of the few players in the market that uses high quality domestic wool as a raw material.

Cooperation with Johanna Matintalo broke the news threshold

Our collaboration with a neighbor’s girl, Olympic skier Johanna Matintalo, broke the national news threshold several times over the past two weeks. Johanna poses for pictures in the sNOw collection, which have already ended up this fall in Korea’s largest fashion magazine, Fashionbiz, and high-quality Swiss magazines.

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