Is this the Best possible Winter Swim Beanie?

What makes a great Winter swimming beanie? We have tested it out!

ReMyssy with Ninyes: Give your Myssy a new chance

It has never been easier to recycle your used Myssy products!

Birthday Week: Myssy 17 Years!

Myssy is turning 17 today so let's celebrate! To all orders over 30eur we offer Veranta headband for free.

New Year's Resolution: Knit to Feel Better?

Knitting provides a lot of health benefits and it is very easily accessible as you can start it and do it anywhere and anytime you want. Check out our tips to find the perfect KnitKit!

Myssy x Fiskars

Myssy x Fiskars includes a 100 pieces Limited Edition Muffi KnitKits that include not only the Finnsheep yarn and knitting tools but also Fiskars ReNew scissors that have been made in Finland.

Myssy Christmas Shops in Haveri and Mylly

Tervetuloa tekemään joululahjaostoksia Myssyn päämajalle Haverille 8.-21.12.

Myssy Grannies Christmas Calendar is here!

It's time for our traditional and sweet Granny Calendar. And this year we wanted to make it better than ever!

Myssy Grannies European Tour 2022

Myssy Grannies are on a European Tour. First they took over Germany and now it is time for Sweden!

Finn Fashion Friday is coming, are you ready?

There is nothing dark about Finn Fashion Friday: Responsible Finnish fashion brands challenge you to avoid the upcoming Black Friday trap and support your local brands!

Launch: Palikka the Myssy beanie to beat the greyness of November!

This is our first ever zero waste product made out of leftovers. The Myssy Grannies have changed their knitting needles to a hook and started crocheting tiny rounds of yarn.

Myssy Grannies in Sokos Window

This year Grannies will knit a zero waste Myssy hat and have a special guest from Pöytyä: Lego Masters Suomi -participant Velmeri.

Wool Event hosted by Myssy was a success

Finnsheep wool our magnificent material was on the center of attention when Finnsheep farmers gathered together to Myssyfarmi headquarters to lear more about wool and how to make the most out of it.

Is Finnish wool the most responsible wool on earth?

Is Finnish wool the most responsible wool on earth? What do merino sheep and Finnsheep have in common? Why is wool superior to artificial fibers? Anna will answer these questions among many more in Myssy News blog.

Myssy might be the most responsible product in Finland?

Is Myssy the most responsible product in Finland? That is very much possible. You can go ahead and vote your favorite here!

Myssy Hoodie: Knit your own!

Love match of the two favorites is here: Myssy Hoodie Sept 13th 2022!  It is a guaranteed minimalistic Pöytyä style sweater: No figures, no frills, no colors, no extras.

AW22 - Dare to wear?

AW 22 collections respect the designs of the past decades, but do it with a contemporary twist. Some might say they are retro. We say they are Myssy.

The Gateway Theory of Becoming a Knitaholic

A year and half ago Anna the creative director of Myssy knitted her very first wool sweater and it wasn't the end of it. Read Anna’s thoughts about knitting and the gateway theory of becoming a knitaholic.

Myssyn uusi kausi on täällä: katso video!

Myssyn uusi kausi on täällä, dare to wear? Kurkkaa uusi video!

Open Doors & Friend Sale at Myssyfarmi

Myssyfarmi's Legendary Open Doors and Friend Sale are held on 27th and 28th of August from 11am to 4pm. Welcome!

Aurajoki SUP Powered by Myssy

Elokuussa on jälleen aika tavata ystävät joella! Aurajoki SUP lauantaina 6.8.2022. Ilmoittaudu mukaan täältä!

Add to your Summer Bucket List: Aurajoentie

Aurajoentie: the new road has born and it is waiting for your adventure. You will find a lot of things to discover and experience from Aurajoentie but we wanted to give you some tips!

Greetings from Paris Fashion Week

Iryna and Kaisa from Myssy team visited Paris during Midsummer weekend and trip was a success!

Welcome to Myssyfarmi, we are open!

We are open the whole summer from Monday to Friday 10am-4pm. Myssy Outlet is open and you can shop all our collections. Welcome!

Ukrainian POP-UP Restaurant & Myssy Outlet on Saturday 18th of June

Ukrainian pop-up restaurant and Grand opening of Myssy Outlet on Saturday 18th of June. Part of Avoimet ovet Aurajoentiellä -event.

Myssy Grannies knitting at Kirkkopuiston Terassi, Turku

Myssy Grannies were knitting at Kirkkopuiston Terassi, Turku on Thursday. Today we celebrate World wide Knit in Public Day so follow their example and pick your favorite spot to knit in public!

Summer Playlist by Myssy Grannies

What are the songs Myssy Grannies are listening to? What makes the knitting needles moving this summer?

Myssy Tie is here and it’s time to party!

Myssy Tie is here and it’s time to party! The conversation starter number one has made a comeback. Through the history of Myssy, which accessory got least sales but most attention? It is hand-knitted Myssy Tie.

Five reasons to wear wool in the summer

For us, spring is yet another reason to wear wool. It breathes when it’s warm, insulates heat when the temperatures drop, and wicks away moisture when wet. For us, wool works every day of the year. Here are five reasons why wool is also great for warm weather!

Myssy is the Fennia Prize 22 Winner!

The Myssy concept was awarded yesterday as a Fennia Prize 22 Winner! Fennia Prize is one of Finland's most prominent design competitions. It is arranged by Design Forum Finland and Fennia in cooperation with the Finnish Patent and Registration Office and Elo.

Answer to Myssy Survey: you will get a 15€ gift code!

Answer to Myssy Survey: you will get a 15€ gift code! We would love to hear how you feel about our Myssy products and how they have served you. Or alternatively we would like to know why you have not joined Myssy friends yet and bought your first Myssy product.

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Something to knit or ready Myssy products? Next Sunday 8th of May we celebrate Mothers. We have gathered some special products as s gift inspiration to make it easier for you.

Myssy Summer Yarn Shop is open!

The magnificent and incredibly soft Finnsheep yarn are not sold in practically any yarn shop. After listening to our Myssy Friends for years, we decided to launch Summer yarn shop.

Fashion Revolution 2022: Who made my Myssy?

Fashion Revolution Week is dedicated to create a better fashion industry. Myssy friends can be assured about the transparency of our production. Everything in our production and supply chain is from Finland and traceable. This makes us an exceptional clothing brand, and few can do the same.

Myssy Loan - Financing the Growth

It’s time to speed up the growth of Myssy - and you can join the story! Ever since our last equity round in 2019 was oversubscribed, we have been asked when and how is it possible to join this international growth story of ours? Well, now it is possible for a limited time.

Myssy x Dagsmark

We present you a purrfect collaboration! We have started to work together with Dagsmark Petfood, a growing company that shares our values and has focused on highly domectic production.
Myssy x Dagsmark -collection is here!

Greetings from Paris!

Last weekend our team went to Paris to represent our new AW22 collections and we also got to enjoy the spring in Paris.

Colors of Spring 2022

The first spring colors have arrived at Myssy webshop. Shiny sky blue, lovely heather pink, soft ochre yellow and light mint green are inviting you to knit the season hit Myssy Collar, Myssy Beret or bestseller Muffi beanie in spring colors!

Legendary Unique Week is almost here!

It's that time of the year again! Our legendary Unique Week is here. This year we have a lot of special goodies for you. The Myssy Grannies have been busy creating their masterpieces, and we also have some never before seen color variations.
Products will be available on Tuesday 15th of February at 00:00!

Here are the front runners of MyssyCup!

Now that Myssy has been officially announced as the coolest hat in Finland, it is time to announce the current score of MyssyCup!

Myssy 16 Years!

We celebrate the birthday by giving out a free Farmer’s Wool Soap (8,90eur) for all Myssy Friends placing an order this weekend! Soap will be automatically added to all orders placed before Sunday midnight!

What's in the Myssy KnitKit?

Are you interested in knitting but don't know where to start?
Do not fret! Our Myssy KnitKit comes with everything you need to start knitting. Let's have a look what the KnitKit includes!

The Great Myssy Knitting Challenge 2022

We start the year 2022 with a New Year’s resolution. And we challenge you to join! This year we are going to knit even more, aren’t we?

The Myssy Year 2021

Our year started with a Finnish wool boom that took us to the national tv and made everyone speak about the waste and use of domestic wool.

Ready to ski? Find the perfect Myssy for winter activities!

Did you know that wool is the most suitable material for winter sports clothing? Here’s 3 reasons why, as well as the best beanies for skiing!

Merry Christmas!

It is time to gather around the Christmas tree and enjoy the Holiday time with our loved ones.

Do you recognize this couple?

Professional cross-country skiers Johanna Matintalo and Lauri Vuorinen are posing for new Myssy photos!

The Myssy Grannies pose in Vogue!

We are honoured to announce that the latest issue of the Scandinavian Vogue gave 11 pages to feature our story.

Finn Fashion Friday November 19th-21st 2021

Kotimaiset muotimerkit yhdistivät voimansa amerikkalaista kulutusjuhlaa vastaan - ja lupaavat auttaa toinen toisiaan

Myssy Grannies at Sokos window again on November 12th!

The Myssy grannies are making waves again. This year they are knitting in Sokos department store window for most vulnerable in this world!

Become a Myssy Grandpa

Are you perhaps the first knitting grandpa in our production team? Why not join our merry bunch and take your friends with you too!

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