Up for a one week knitting challenge with our new Viikko Sweater KnitKit? They won’t believe you did it in a week!

This seven day project was created as the sleeveless sweaters and socks without heels gave some trouble to the most anxious knitters in our team. They wanted something easy and rewarding to knit! Lockdowns are done, so this spring the most important knitting project of our could take just one week! An idea about super simple sweater in just one week seemed impossible. Could you really make one in seven days? yes, if you combine some heavy duty needles of larger caliber and super soft super bulky Finnsheep yarn of ours. Everything is possible! 

Are you ready for the challenge? All our team members are going to meet the challenge! Will we make it? You are welcome to join us at Knitting live events!

Order your own Viikko Sweater KnitKit here!

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