The Hot Season of Pöytyä is at its Best:
Is this the best possible Winter swim beanie?

The hot season of Myssy is at its best and our team has tested different beanies in our own winter swimming place at local Aurajoki. The result is clear: Water is fresh and our classic Muffi beanie is THE best winter swimming beanie ever.

What makes a great Winter swimming beanie?

Well, a thick hat that will keep its shape and fits all your hair underneath. Unprocessed natural wool that still has some lanoline left in it is naturally super water-repellent and will not soak all the water in it - even if you drop it in the water.

We believe that winter swimming should be an enjoyable experience and not an unpleasant performance. If you want to invest in swimming gear, consider investing in woolen mittens and socks to make sure that the most cold sensitive hands and feet don’t freeze over. We recommend walking to the deck with your socks, removing them for swimming and putting back on right after swimming. The mittens you can keep on while swimming, so you can hold on to the deck or stairs. If they are made of unprocessed wool, they will handle the wetness well. The toughest ones can go without, but we believe in this comfortable wooly experience!

To celebrate the Winter Swimming Season we have made the perfect Combo for you:
Buy Muffi and get Myssy Mittens with only 25€!
Add both products to your shopping cart and the discount will be added automatically.
Combo total price is 109,70€ (normal price 180€).

To be continued: Myssy guide to winter swimming + Myssy winter swimming live!

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