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For the past few weeks our headquarters has been filled with herbal and floral scents and now we are ready to launch our next surprise: Here comes the oh so hilarious Local Shampoo Bars: Pink Sheep*, Oh,Deer!*, Classy Camomille*, Mrs. Farmer in Da Woods*, and Oh, S***! It’s a Dandelion. Made with herbs from traditional biotopes and certified organic ingredients, the recipes for the bars have been developed by Elina Simola from Isotupa farm, known for its ice cream here in Pöytyä. Some of the shampoo bars are vegan and some made with traditional Finnish shampoo recipes. The Myssy Organic Turnip Rape Oil from our farm has been used in the vegan shampoos.

A Local Shampoo Bar with a story

All our Shampoo Bars have unique names and story to go with them, and they all suit different types of hair and skin.The names were created in collaboration with two Mrs. Farmers, Anna and Elina. As shampoo bars might be a new product to our customers, let us tell you about the benefits: They are easy to travel with and no preservatives are used! These natural shampoos are also good for sensitive skin and they leave more natural greases into your hair making conditioner unnecessary. At the beginning your hair might feel a little sticky after the use, but in a few weeks you will get used to the product, and will probably never change back to liquid shampoos again. 

Hesitant to try? Start with baby steps. You can also use these shampoos just for washing your body or hands with a lovely scent. If your hair has been dyed or heavily processed otherwise, bar shampoo might not work.

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