Care Instructions

All our garments are made of 100% organic Finnsheep wool and dyed by hand here at our Farm. Wool is a natural material that keeps itself clean. The lanolin - wool’s grease - naturally repels both dirt and water, hence it is not necessary to wash your Myssy garments. 

You can freshen up your garment by airing it out. However, if your Myssy product does get dirty or stretches out, it can be carefully hand-washed or machine-washed with a high-quality wool program. The garment should be dried flat and shaped while still wet. This way the product will recover its original appearance. Our gentle Farmer's Wool Wash is a great option for washing wool garments. It's made from olive oil and our very own organic rapeseed oil, and we also use it our dyeing kitchen.

Note: Myssy products cannot be washed in regular low-temperature washing machine programs. Only a high-quality wool program is acceptable for washing your Myssy, this way the water temperature is increased in proper increments, and the garment won’t get felted.

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