Myssyfarmi has almost 30 contract sheep farms in Finland and we are a significant player in the Finnish wool economy. Some might call us opinion leader. Myssyfarmi Ltd has been a pioneer in refining and conceptualizing Finnsheep wool on the 21st century. We have been communicating the superb quality of Finnsheep wool to the public and and also the amount of wasted wool (that is now declining). Did you know that the softness of Finnsheep wool is due to the special structure of the wool fiber having scales pointing inside and not outside – just like the merino wool fiber?

Some of the most emotional comments and calls we have received came from the sheep farmers, who know the amount of work we have been doing to promote Finnsheep wool. Also stories from the past Finnsheep wool export projects that ended in 90s due to the great regression and lack of resources really touched us. The final words were: “You have gotten so far, you must continue!” We promise to do our best. Refining and conceptualizing this world class raw material must continue, let’s save the Myssy!

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