Cold Swimming Season is here!

We have gathered our best tips to dive into cold swimming season with sustainable swimwear brand Lilja the Label. Check out the tips from below!

Lilja x Myssy

Lilja the Label is a sustainable swimwear brand from Finland. Established in 2016, the label is built upon creating high-quality pieces that will stay as your favourites for seasons to come. We are very excited to work with them for this season and spread the joy of cold swimming. Collaboration contains nice benefits and events so say tuned about these by subscribing to our newsletter!

Cold Swimming Tips

1. Find your gear
It is super important to be well prepared when it comes to cold swimming! Pick a swimsuit that you feel comfortable and supported in. Lilja can help you with that! For extra warmth, wear a beanie (Myssy) and bring some warm wool socks to slip into after your swim.

2. Start early in the season
If you start cold swimming early in the season, your body will get used to the lowering temperatures and it will be much easier once the water temperature will drop further. You will thank yourself in January!

3. Go with a friend
Especially when starting cold swimming, we strongly recommend going as a group, for safety as someone can keep an eye on you. Also, it’s a great feeling supporting each other and sharing a warm coffee or tea afterwards!

4. Bring warm clothes
Remember to bring warm clothes with you to cover up after the swim. Trust us, there is no better feeling than cozying up after. We recommend snuggling up in wool or cotton clothes!

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