We are proud to tell that this season Myssy is breaking new records in exports! We have 15 new international retailers and among them  is the Japanese fashion store Beams, Yagi Tsusho and department store Takashimaya. All together Myssy accessories are sold this season in 229 retail stores in 19 countries, which is very exceptional to a small Finnish fashion brand.

“It was really important to be able to change the direction after last season being so difficult. In addition to new international retailers, we had the best summer collection so far and new international brand collaborations are starting this autumn”, says Anna Rauhansuu the CEO of Myssy. Myssy x Fiskars collaboration Tissit collection was published last week and the launch has been a success. Tissit collection will also be seen in Swedish and Norwegian markets in the Fiskars campaign. 

At the moment Asia is the market of growth for Myssy. “Our retail sales in Japan have grown this season in Japan and also Chinese and South Korean clients are refilling orders. All in all other markets the orders have declined from previous year, budgets are smaller and there is stock left from last year. The same everywhere. This makes now Japan our biggest retail export market”, explains sales manager Iryna Shvets. 

This season also concept store Merci in Paris, Platform in South Korea, Isetan in Tokyo and Gravitypope in Canada continue as Myssy retailers. “The quality of our retail list proves the value of the brand and unique concept. We have been building our international reputation for years and with some partners the collaboration has continued since 2016. Paris fashion week is the most important event of the year for us and our partners”, she continues. 

Instead of benchmarking other Nordic countries, Shvets is looking into the Ukrainian fashion world. She encourages other Finnish brands to be more export oriented: “Fashion is an essential part of culture for me as a Ukranian, but here in Finland it is not obvious.. When a brand is presented at a fashion week, it is not just about presenting the collection or single product, but presenting the entire story. The Finnish values and cultural heritage are an essential part of all our collections and that is why they are interesting. We have to courage to be ourselves and that is enough to make us succeed.” She says that the current stagnation is only a problem in Finland, in Ukraine all fashion brands have international ambition despite the war. “We are proud to be the forerunners of Finnish fashion exports, but a national growth program for fashion wouldn’t hurt either”, Shvets continues. 

The next international collaboration will be published in October. “A really surprising context for Finnish Grannies, that much I can tell” smiles Rauhansuu. Let the positive spiral continue!

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