It’s all about Tits! The Myssy x Fiskars Tissit Collection is an exclusive launch with Myssy ready-to-wear pieces and KnitKits available with a pair of limited-edition Pink Ribbon Scissors!

Myssy and Fiskars are both official partners of the Pink Ribbon Campaign 2023 of Finnish Cancer Association. For every Tissit Collection product sold minimum 10 euros is donated to The Cancer Association. The money goes to support cancer research, promote information about cancer and to offer support to those affected. Join the forces for love is the theme of the year!
Make a statement with Myssy and Fiskars

Make a personalized statement with the Tissit Collection. All ready-to-wear knitwear in the collection is decorated with “Tissit” tits embroidery and all Tissit Collection KnitKits come with an embroidery kit to make your very own a pair of eye-catching tits, inspired by the pattern on the Fiskars Pink Ribbon Scissors. Make them big or small, round or uneven - there is no one right way for creating your own. All Tits are just perfect the way they are! 

Myssy Grannies have knitted and embroidered the pieces in this Tissit Collection with special warm feelings. Many of us have personal experience with cancer in the family and we want to join our forces to support cancer awareness. Together we and Grannies stand united in our love of life. 

Tissit Collection

Myssy x Fiskars collaboration is full of positive energy: The collection includes two different beanies, sweaters and socks with Tissit!  Tissit means Tits in Finnish and now it is time to show them off. The Tissit beanie suits both men and women and is knitted by Grannies with love. 
We want to encourage everyone to craft their own Tits by knitting a super popular Muffi beanie,  unique Tissit beanie, Tissit socks or a Tissit sweater from an all-inclusive Myssy KnitKit. The limited edition campaign color is rose pink for Pink Ribbon, lovely to knit!  And will most certainly stand out of the crowd! 

Myssy x Fiskars KnitKits include all you need for making a perfect Tissit beanie, Muffi Beanie, Tissit sweater or Tissit socks: clear instructions, exclusive hand-dyed Finnsheep yarn, Fiskars Pink Ribbon Scissors, EmbroideryKit for mastering the Tits and needles, if chosen. You get to make your own embroidery - all tits are perfect. 

Ready-to-wear products Tissit Beanie and Tissit Sweater have been knitted with love by Myssy Grannies and decorated with Tits embroidery. Also these ready-to-wear products come with Fiskars Pink Ribbon scissors and PomPomKit for crafting a pompom. 

A very special pair of Fiskars Pink Ribbon scissors

The unique pink pattern on the Fiskars Pink Ribbon Scissors is designed by the students at Bergh’s University for the Breast Cancer Association of Sweden. The scissors are made of high-quality Swedish steel in Fiskars’ Billnäs factory in Finland. Every single pair of scissors are as always tested by hand before they leave the factory.

The Fiskars Pink Ribbon Scissors are included in all Myssy x Fiskars Collection products.  The scissors  will be available in stores in October and will be sold in a limited edition batch.  Fiskars Pink Ribbon scissors 21 cm, 29,90 eur.

Myssy Grannies and team join the forces for love!

Cancer is touching many of us personally. There are many stories among the Grannies and this is why we feel it is so important to support the Pink Ribbon campaign, those who have cancer and their families, and cancer awareness in general.

Join us and show your support!

Myssy team and Grannies

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