Surprising launch: Kotijoukot Collection is the first brand logo knitwear collection launched in Finland!

Myssyfarmi and Kotipizza, the largest pizza restaurant company in the Nordics, have launched today a collaboration called “Kotijoukot Collection” - a postmodern logo knitwear collection. Kotijoukot is the name of the loyalty program and fan community of Kotipizza that has more than 300 franchising restaurants. This is the first company logo knitwear collection designed and knitted in Finland.

Both brands value craftsmanship and local materials: Kotipizza is ambitious in serving only handmade pizzas and using more than 80% Finnish ingredients in its products. The company is known for content marketing that promotes small businesses.  An outstanding video of the collaborations is also an essential part of this project that arose from the idea of surprising the fans with something that is handmade and local. The result is the first brand logo knitwear collection designed and handmade in Finland. The collection is a tribute to the traditional craftsmanship, passionate craftsman and the world's best raw materials, Finnish materials. 

Myssy is known for minimalistic knitwear and so far a small wooden logo has the only brand symbol on the products. “When Kotipizza introduced this project, I immediately knew that we need to execute it. I knew the collections would be turn out fun and surprising, but very much wanted by the fans. The reason why it works out so well is the design and the kind of high interest brand that Kotipizza is with a strong community”, says Anna Rauhansuu. 

The 50 numbered pieces in the Kotijoukot collection will go to the pizza fans, and more will follow. “ We bet that  a handmade logo knitwear will be a pretty big thing next winter”, she smiles.

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