For us, spring is yet another reason to wear wool. It breathes when it’s warm, insulates heat when the temperatures drop, and wicks away moisture when wet. For us, wool works every day of the year. Here are five reasons why wool is also great for warm weather!

Sea A'hoy works well at the sea, field or city, you choose.  The wool's natural lanoline makes it waterproof.

Wool keeps you dry 

Wool is a natural fiber that helps to regulate body temperature. Wool can absorb a lot of moisture without feeling cold or wet. It wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping you comfortable and dry.

Myssy hat is perfect for summer days and it protects you from the UV radiation.

Wool is easy to care for

Wool as a fibre keeps itself clean naturally, expelling odours through moisture control, and is naturally stain and wrinkle resistant. The best way to freshen up your wool garment is by airing it out, washing is not necessary. Myssy products also contain lanolin - wool’s natural grease - which repels both dirt and water.

Usva scarf is an easy summer scarf to knit.

Wool breathes

Wool breathes, making it cool and comfortable against the skin during the summer. Summer weight wools can be easily layered based on the weather.

Nomadi bucket hat breathes and protects you from the sun with style.

Wool protects from UV radiation

Did you know that wool also provides protection against the sun’s UV radiation? Unprocessed wool can provide better protection against the sun, even more than cotton or polyester. Manufacturers of performance garments often use a treatment to enhance the UV protection that already exists in wool.

You can find the perfect yarns for your summer knitting projects from our Yarn Shop!

Wool is great to knit in the summer

Summer is also a great time for knitting. Especially on holiday, knitting is a great way to relax and unwind. Summer weight yarn is great for scarves or shirts that can be layered in the unpredictable summer weather.

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