It’s here, the first Myssy summer sweater Kuohu photographed by Aura River. It might be perfect. It is made of dreams.  Kuohu is light and flawless like a dream. It is also a sweater with an attitude and perseverance, not an easy one for sure. But when you have a clear vision, sooner or later you will make it perfect!  Kuohu is a really feminine sweater that will bring out the best in you.

The pattern is simple, but still a little challenging to knit - thick needles and thin yarn are not the easiest ones to combine. However, the result will reward the hard work. Suits all us that are in desperate need of a perfect summer sweater for rural beaches and urban parties. We can do it!

Ps. You can also order Kuohu Sweater as a ready-to-wear product knitted by Myssy Granny here.

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