The last part of the world wide Škoda content campaign Explorers of Sustainability has just been published: Myssyfarmi: A tightly knitted community. The stars of this groundbreaking campaign are, of course, our Myssy Grannies. These elderly women driving their cars self assured create a strong contrast to the conventional car branding that is dominated by males.  Explorers of Sustainability campaign presents a series of 2,5 minute documentaries of sustainable European businesses in Skoda social media channels and online magazines. The first documentary published in September has reached more than 1 million views on Youtube. 

Myssyfarmi is one of the four companies presented in the campaign. The idea is to tell about sustainable forerunners that have a natural connection with Škoda. When the Czech agent called the Myssy team in May, she was convinced that Myssy is a must story to be told. The entrepreneurs didn’t drive a Škoda, but having almost 100 Grannies working for the company, seven Škoda -drivers were found within hours. “At first we thought it might be a scam as we got a message in social media asking us to join an international campaign for a car brand. But then we got the call from the Czech Republic and it was clear that this is a real opportunity for Myssy”, explaines Iryna Shvets that is responsible for Myssy social media channels.

“Our innovation is not technical, our innovation is social” opens Myssy entrepreneur Anna Rauhansuu the documentary. Her voice tells the story of Myssy for 2,5 minutes as the video travels through Pöytyä: Rintala sheep farm, Myssy headquarters, the home farm in Vistola village and grannies driving in the national landscape Aura river valley. Starring an international campaign is not something that happens every year, so how did the grannies feel about this once in a lifetime opportunity? Leila Setälä, Ulla Aitavaara, Soili Salminen and Hanna Ora all enjoyed the four days of photoshooting with the international production team in Pöytyä. “At first I thought they wanted to make videos of my car. But making videos about me driving and knitting? It was really exciting! At first I was nervous but then I got used to the camera. I did enjoy it, not everyone gets to be part of a worldwide campaign. What an experience!”, says Leila Setälä.   

The five days of photoshooting in Pöytyä in August met all the expectations of the Škoda  team. “I really love this story, the team, the whole family and the way you help your community” says Václav Buchbauer from Škoda  international. The documentary has world wide distribution rights with the exception of Northern America. The entrepreneur herself sees the collaboration with Škoda as a natural next step on the international stage. “ We have built an international brand, distribution and social media for years. The story of Myssy is truly unique also in the global scale and our aim is to do more collaborations like this in the future. Our brand gets significant visibility that increases awareness and Škoda gets unique content to support the sustainable development of the brand. It is a win-win case as good collabos always are. I hope this opens eyes in the Finnish business culture in understanding the value of a brand. I believe this story is about to continue”, says Anna Rauhansuu.  

Explorers of Sustainability, Closely-knitted community:

Explorers of sustainability: When Finnish grannies knit 

Photos: 54-66:


Document in Youtube:



Photography: Carlos Blanchard

Director and editing: Marcelo Alves
Production: Film Deluxe Gmbh, Karina Kirschner 

Škoda  team: Václav Buchbauer and Andrea Jezkova   

Myssy team:Anna Rauhansuu Janne Rauhansuu; Grannies:  Leila Setälä, Ulla Aitavaara, Soili Salminen and Hanna Ora; Mari Rintala and Iryna Shvets.

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