Open Doors & National Knitting Championships Sat 26th of August 10am-4pm at Myssy HQ, Pöytyä!

We warmly welcome you to the greatest Open Doors of all time and fully booked National Knitting Championships here at Myssy HQ, Pöytyä. The start of the knitting contest is at 11am Finnish time and the fastest shall win! Doors are open from 10am until 4pm and there is lot to discover and do: Friend Sale shopping, open doors in Myssy Guesthouse, organic food for lunch, premiere of Myssy Brand video 2023 "It's not Art. It's Myssy." and Myssy sheep to pet of course.

The National Knitting Championships 11am-3pm

The first official Finnish Knitting Championships will be held in Pöytyä at Myssy HQ on August 26th at 11am. This competition is about the speed: All competitors will knit the same product with same instruction, yarn and needles. The fastest wins, but also quality, attitude and measurements are acknowledged. Welcome to witness this one!

The Grande Finale of Friend Sale

The Grande Finale of our Friend Sale will take place and offer some products and prices that you will never find online. This is something you must come see!

It’s not Art. It’s Myssy.

As we must let the old go, it is also time to open doors for the AW23 collection that will be presented live for the first time. Our brand video 2023 “It’s not art. It’s Myssy.” will be running nonstop.

Open Doors in Myssy Guesthouse

The new rooms of Myssy Guesthouse will be open for visitors and you get to vote for your favorite! We have been surprised by the success of the Guesthouse, mostly fully booked weekends here in the middle of the fields!

Myssy sheep and Organic buffet

Of course we will serve you with traditional Finnish pea soup, coffee and sweets at the Organic Buffet run by local sports club Pöytyän Urheillijat.  Kids might also be excited to know that Myssy Sheep Tupsu, Ammuu, Belle, Supi and tiny Piki will be here waiting for you. Baa!

You are warmly welcome! 

Myssy team

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