Aurajoentie: the new road has born and it is waiting for your adventure. The scenic road starts from Turku and ends to Oripää. It's 70 kilometres of  lush river banks and buzzing rapids of the Aura River, rainy fields, old churches, bends and hills.

Myssy canola fields by the Aura river.

You will find a lot of things to discover and experience from Aurajoentie but we wanted to give you some tips!  All of our photos are taken in local places so you might spot many of these when discovering the sights of Aurajoentie. So we challenge you to play bingo how many Myssy photoshooting locations you can spot during your Summer!

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The museum is located in a neoclassical rectory completed in 1802. The downstairs is comfortably decorated to reflect
from the 1930s and 1950s. In two rooms, an exhibition of the work of sculptor Aarre Aaltonen (1889-1980).
The peasant seals and the state parliament man Kaarlo Wärri’s room are displayed upstairs. Summer themed exhibitions. In summer 2021, a dollhouse exhibition. (

Many Myssy photoshooting have happened in Museopappila and the place is beautiful.

Address: Turuntie 1189, 21880 Pöytyä
Opening hours: In July Monday to Friday 1pm-4pm and in August Sundays 1pm-4pm.

Olympic skiier Johanna Matintalo from Pöytyä in Myssy photoshooting at Museopappila.

Enkelipuisto (Angel park)

Enkelipuisto is home to ITE artist Kyösti Iitti and statue park.
Iitti has made statues of recycled material.

This place has also been a part of many Myssy photoshootings as it calls you to discover and think outside the box. It is exciting to see all different levels he has created to the park.

Address: Kaitoonmäentie 200, 21870 Riihikoski
Opening hours: Call to the artist before visiting +358 40 510 8437.

Myssy photoshooting at Enkelipuisto.

Koskipirtti and Museotalo

Koskipirtti and Museotalo offer visitors of all ages a unique historical experience and a time travel to the peasant working environment.(

Myssy Granny Milka works at Koskipirtti as a guide so you might meet her during your visit!

Address: Riihikoskentie 36, 21380 Aura
Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday 12pm-4pm

Myssy Granny Milka works at Koskipirtti as a guide.

Syrjämä’s atelierhome Villa Ville

Villa Ville aka Viljo and Kaisu Syrjämä’s Italian-style villa studio home with an exhibition of their work.

The house, built by artist Viljo Syrjämä in the early 1950s, is the most significant cultural attraction in Oripää. Known as Villa Ville, the house was both home to an artist family and a studio. Syrjämä was inspired by a photograph of the Monastery of San Marco in Florence, Italy. Syrjämä had received a scholarship for art studies in Italy, but the outbreak of the Second World War prevented him from studying. After the war, Syrjämä decided to bring Italy to Oripää.

The house was designed and built by the artist himself, so it can be considered Syrjämä’s most important work of art. Almost everything in the house is handcrafted, as the bricks on the exterior walls of the house, for example, are made by Syrjämä. The interior and furniture of the house are also designed by Syrjämä, and the house contains plenty of decorative details. Thus, Syrjämä’s artist’s home is a unique object of its author’s life’s work. (

Atelierhome Villa Ville is the newest of Myssy photo locations as it was used this Spring to take beautiful photos from our Myssy hat.

Address: Yläneentie 15, 32500 Oripää
Opening hours: Sundays 2pm-5pm

Myssy hat photographed at Villa Ville in Spring 2022. Photo by Petri Lyytikäinen.

Vanha Vehnämylly (The old Wheat Mill) is an atmospheric old goods shop and a summer café where you can enjoy your stay for longer.

The summer café is an excellent destination for pop-ins for bike rides and other summer adventures.

The old Wheat Mill also serves enthusiasts from different fields. We enjoy bikers, hobby car drivers, old goods enthusiasts and collectors. The summer café is also an excellent place for various meetings or gathering times.
Located in the center of Riihikoski village, Vanha Vehnämylly is also an inspirational spot for Myssy photos.

Address: Myllykuja 6, 21870 Riihikoski
Opening hours: From Friday to Sunday 11am-6pm

Retro style Taituri headbands in Vanha Vehnämylly.

Welcome to discover Aurajoentie!

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