Myssyfarmi is proud to announce that the second Official Finnish National Knitting Championships will be held in Pöytyä August 25th. Last year this super popular event was sold out and this year we will have two series: Sprint and Elite. This competition is all about the speed: Competitors will knit the same product with the same instruction, yarn and needles. The fastest knitter wins, but also quality, attitude and measurements are acknowledged. The winner takes it all - hand dyed Finnsheep wool worth 250 euros is worth a while!

The official champtionships page can be found HERE.

The competition fee covers Finnsheep yarn for knitting, all the tools for use and of course every knitter gets to keep their own knitwear after the evaluation. The main sponsor of the event is Fiskars and every knitter gets their own scissors to take home with. We have reviewed the feedback from last year's competition and this year we offer two series: Sprint with thick needles and Elite with thin needles. The competition knitwork is different every year and this year's instructions will be revealed 15 minutes prior to the start. We can take a maximum of 100 participants all together and it is likely that the event will be sold out. In addition to speed, we will also review the measurements, density, evenness and finalization of the work. Our experienced and objective jury will evaluate the work and be more specific with quality points than last year. However, speed is what counts the most.

In the separate VIP league we will have visiting stars from our partners and local celebrities that will be published later on.


The competition is held Sunday Aug 25th at 12am Finnish time and registration opens at 11am. The instruction is also available in English, and it is revealed 15 minutes before the start.

The competition venue is the Pöytyä “seurakuntatalo” house next to the church (Turuntie 1163, 21880 Pöytyä). This beautiful building with great natural light is located 5km from Myssy Headquarters and will serve us well no matter the weather conditions. Also Myssy HQ has Open Doors and the Aurajoki Tourism Route Culture Day offers a wide range of local culture for visitors.

To sign up for the competition pay the entrance fee HERE. The 39eur fee shall be paid by August 23rd and we can only take the first 100 participants.

Terms and conditions for cancellation: 14 days before 70% money returned, 7 days before 50% return.

Participation fee 39eur includes the following:

  • Finnsheep yarn for knitwear
  • All the tools for use during the competition
  • You get to keep your self made knitwear after the judges have evaluated it.
  • Fiskars Scissors to take home with
  • Snacks and drinks during competition
  • Finnish Knitting Championship 2024 tote bag with goodies


  • Maximum points are 100 and who gets the most points wins.
  • 75 points speed (time)
    • Everyone starts at 12am
    • Timing stops, when the knitwear is ready and placed on the table of the judges
    • After the jury evaluation, you can add the Myssy logo on the product
  • 25 points: 5 points beginning, 5 points ending, 5 points density, 5 points measurements, 5 points attitude
  • If the minimum measurements are not met, knitwear is DNF
  • All competitors must use the same yarn and tools, but it is allowed to have your own tape measure and needles
  • Age limit 12 years.
  • Prizes: 
    • Winner gets a free choice of 1kg Finnsheep yarn worth 250eur
    •, Myssy KnitKit for a sweater or cardigan
    • Myssy KnitKit for an accessory

We will organize a ride to Pöytyä from Turku bus station and back at separate cost, if it is needed. You can book your overnight stay at Myssy Guest House HERE.


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