Greetings from Pöytyä! As we approach the final moments of the year, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the successes of the past year. We have accomplished greater things than ever before, and we are proud of what we have achieved! At the same time, we want to express our gratitude to you, our Myssy friends, who have made all of this possible. THANK YOU! <3

Myssy Year Review 2023

Save the Myssy campaign during Spring was a wild challenge, but in the face of necessity, we gained a tremendous number of new Myssy friends and successfully bridged the gap to make it to this point. Simultaneously, we paved the way for many other brands facing similar challenging situations. The Myssy Summer Collections that followed in the spring were the best in history: Shorts, bikinis, and the new crocheted Tyyni hat captivated our audience. The "Surfing Pöytyä 2023" summer shirts were particularly popular, and the theme shirt for next summer will be released in April. Rumor has it that it might have something to do with the fact that negative screwballs in baseball were also caught, and Pöytyä once again rose to the Superpesis.

Myssy Summer 2023 was best ever!

Summer's New Ventures: Myssy Guesthouse & National Knitting Championships

In July, Myssy Guesthouse opened its doors. With a minimal investment and a cross-generational rural recycling culture, we managed to create a relatively comfortable apartment and headquarters, improving the accommodation capacity in the area using our unused rooms. The Knitting National Championships were a sold-out event with 50 participants, and it is sure to grow next year.

National Knitting Championships in Myssyfarmi.

Myssy x Fiskars Pink Ribbon and Stunning new poducts

Accessories handcrafted in Pöytyä have been the season's sensation, with the Hohto hood, in particular, becoming a social media hit—an unexpected delight! The Myssy x Fiskars Pink Ribbon collection, launched in September, garnered significant visibility, and we contributed a generous sum to the Pink Ribbon campaign.

Myssy x Fiskars Campaign was a success.

New Retailers in Asia

A bright spot in our retail expansion was the addition of several prominent new partners from Japan and Korea. Overall, retailers have shared positive signals regarding the successes of this autumn. You can explore our extensive list of retailers here!

In its fourth year, Finn Fashion Friday, led by us, a campaign featuring responsible Finnish fashion brands, grew to an unprecedented scale with the participation of 30 companies. The campaign caught the attention of both Kauppalehti and Huomenta Suomi.

Our CEO Anna in National TV.

Myssy Grannies as the Faces of Škoda's Advertisement

A mini-documentary titled "Explorers of Sustainability: Myssy Farm, a Tightly Knitted Community," featuring the international distribution rights of Škoda, was released in the transition between November and December. The appearance of Finnish Grannies as the faces of an international car advertisement garnered widespread attention. We strongly believe that there will be more to come.

Expressing our heartfelt gratitude to all Myssy friends for the wonderful year of 2023 and wishing you a warm and joyful New Year! With love, the Myssy Team & Myssy Grannies.

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