LAUNCH: Tapio Shorts, global woolen race pants
DATE: 01/11/2024
LOCATION: Myssyfarmi HQ, Pöytyä, Finland
60°80.11′N, 22°67.19′E

Introducing the father of all Woolen Pants: Tapio Shorts! These woolen pants will keep you warm, wherever you sail or ski around the globe! We are honored to continue the Finnish saga of granny-made global woolen racepants.

Inspiration for these woolen pants came from the true story of Tapio Lehtinen sailing around the world twice in a pair of woolen pants knitted by his grandma Tyyne (in a photo).

Unfortunately, the pants sank with Astoria in November in the Indian Ocean in the middle of a sailing race. In October we shipped 12 pairs of custom-made woolen pants to South Africa to meet captain Lehtinen and the Galiana sailing crew before the seas turned cold on their Ocean Globe Race. These pants were knitted by Myssy Grannies Erja-Sisko, Marja-Liisa, Tutta and Leila with love. They will never replace the sentimental value of Tyyne’s pants, but according to the feedback we received, they have served the crew well and kept them warm in 8°c degree storms. Can testing woolen pants get any harder than that?

The Myssy wool pants are made of natural Finnsheep wool that has 5% of lanoline left in the yarn, making it both soft and naturally water-repellent. Tapio Shorts are a super technical accessory for any sailor or serious sportsman. The design of the Tapio shorts takes after original board shorts used for another water sport, so they can also be worn on a beach. However, we guarantee they fit underneath water-proof technical layers in any sport.

We wish Tapio and the Galiana crew a successful Ocean Globe Race! It's not cool. It's warm.

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