Welcome to Myssy Guesthouse!

Great news from Pöytyä, our new Myssy Guesthouse is located in national landscape of Aura river valley and we welcome you for a visit! Our old wooden school building of Haveri from 1950’s is the home of both our headquarters & showroom and our guesthouse - 30 minutes from the Turku airport and 45 minutes from Turku harbour. This characteristic house might still need some fresh paint outside, but inside we have just renovated four beautiful bedrooms that have new luxurious wooden floors. The interiors are minimalistic and retro, each of the four rooms has a color and story of its own. Besides the floors, this is no luxury resort but certainly an interesting place to stay!

Myssy guesthouse is a creative project of ours and the rooms will continue living and developing over the upcoming months. The Guesthouse enables knitting retreats and other overnight events. We know we will have visitors from all possible continents and we want them to enjoy our hospitality! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

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