Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Something to knit or ready Myssy products?

Next Sunday 8th of May we celebrate Mothers.

We have gathered some special products as s gift inspiration to make it easier for you.

Check them out here!

Myssy Yarn

Our Summer Yarn Shop is open and there you can find perfect finnsheep wool yarns. The wool originates from Finnsheep that are in origin a Finnish landrace know for its particularly soft and lustrous wool. All the wool is being washed and spun here in Finland in small quantities and then hand-dyed here at our headquarters in Pöytyä with low acid dyes. This is a perfect gift for knitter!

Myssy KnitKits

Give a gift of relaxation and feel good. Our Myssy KnitKit includes everything to make your own Myssy product and the experience has been designed into the tiniest detail. This is the perfect gift even for a beginner!

To make this easier to you, we have gathered together some favorite KnitKits here.

Myssy products

Beautiful Myssy product knitted by Myssy Granny is always a great choice. We have wide range of different options: hats, beanies, headbands and scarves. For example in this photo our beautiful Myssy Hat. Go check out more here!

Myssy Giftcard

Perfect option if you want to let the receiver to choose by themself. Gift card is electronic and applies to all product in our webshop. It is valid one year from the purchase.

Bonus: Myssy Sweater

Pöytyä is the home of Myssy. It is our little universum, where all interesting things happen. A mythical and rural county located in the national landscape of the sempiternal Aura river. It’s a calling, a choice of returning to your roots and making the most out of it. Being proud of who you are and where you come from! To wear this sweater, no need to be a loca Just gotta love Pöytyä! Sop sweaters here.

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