The magnificent and incredibly soft Finnsheep yarn are not sold in practically any yarn shop. After listening to our Myssy Friends for years, we decided to launch Myssy yarn shop.

How are these Myssy yarns like? Why are they so luxurious?

All the raw wool is purchased directly from small, EU-registered and monitored sheep farms in Finland. The wool originates from Finnsheep that are in origin a Finnish landrace know for it’s particularly soft and lustrous wool. All the wool is being washed and spun here in Finland in small quantities and then hand-dyed here at our headquarters in Pöytyä with low acid dyes. The gentle washing and dyeing quarantee the natural softness and liveliness of the wool to remain in the yarns. Hand-dyeing gives shiny and lively color that is not stuffy like industrial dyes often are.

Natural colors 22€/100g and hand-dyed colors 25€/100g.

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