Myssy is the Fennia Prize 22 Winner!

The Myssy concept was awarded yesterday as a Fennia Prize 22 Winner! Fennia Prize is one of Finland's most prominent design competitions. It is arranged by Design Forum Finland and Fennia in cooperation with the Finnish Patent and Registration Office and Elo. The competition awards companies and organisations that use design extensively in their business operations. This can become evident in many different ways through products, services or business concepts.

“Fennia Prize is a significant recognition to our design work. We have managed to not only design a unique fashion concept but also proven that it can grow as a business and create significant impact on the surrounding society. The Myssy concept creates wellbeing by hiring retired citizens and saving wool from waste to use. Using cottage industry as a production method guarantees a unique product design that is difficult to copy. Handmade garments have special design and energy flowing in them. Our whole team is really proud of this recognizion”, says Anna Rauhansuu.

Fennia Prize Grand Prix €15,000 was granted to Helsinki International Schools for concepting the Finnish daycare centre into a product that can be exported. Other Fennia Prize Winner prizes of €5,000 each are awarded. The receivers are Ponsse Oyj for the new Ponsse Scorpion's Future Cabin, Posti Group Oyj for its service renewal, and Nokian Raskaat Renkaat Oy for Nokian Tyres Ground King with IntuituTM smart tyres. Nine companies receive a Fennia Prize Honourable Mention.

Myssy as a winner among the big corporations tells about our ability to create and execute comprehensive design thinking.

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