Myssy Tie is here and it’s time to party! The conversation starter number one has made a comeback.

Through the history of Myssy, which accessory got least sales but most attention? It is hand-knitted Myssy Tie. Ties have not been worn at home offices in the past two years and so we almost forgot about this fashionable accessory.

Now the world is open and weekends are starting fill up with parties. It’s time to update the accessories for the summer parties! Myssy Tie is not for shy ones, it is a killer conversation starter in any occasion! We haven’t sold that many ties, but the story is always the same: With this tie, some attention is guaranteed. Well, we gotta admit that hand-knitted tie is a brilliant idea that signals self confidence. No need to talk about weather.

Janne and Myssy Ties in South Africa in 2007.

As all the best products on the market, also Myssy Tie was designed for need in 2007. The first tie was mastered by farmer Janne himself far away in Cape Town. The night before Gunnar’s wedding there was no tie in the suitcase, just the suit. The first tie was knitted the night before wedding and yes, it was an instant show stopper. Since the early days in SA and CH, the tie might have gotten a new design, but the original idea and magic in it are still there.

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