Myssy x Dagsmark

We present you a purrfect collaboration! We have started to work together with Dagsmark Petfood, a growing company that shares our values and has focused on highly domectic production.
Myssy x Dagsmark -collection is here!
This collection is created with yarn that is spun from dog and cat hair and all materials are collected from the households around.

Which one is your favourite?

Kitty beanie:40% domestic cat hair picked straight from the couch, 60% wool.

Woof Wool -mittens: Long desired product! These mittens are made from 100% poodle hair. Material is sourced from the local groomers.

Golden Touch -collar: Salute for all Golden Retrievers! These we have plenty in stock.

Racing Pants: These silky pants are made from the hair of the fastest greyhounds in Finland.

Preorder now! First deliveries leave on week 20.

P.S. We are not able to receive anymore dog or cat hair as we have enough for our needs.

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