Hyvä Myssy beanie is our fluffy classic Muffi that is worn by artist Samu Haber in Mielinauha 2024 campaign. For every sold beanie we donate 10 eur for mental health work for MIELI ry. Hyvä Myssy means a “goody beanie” that brings compassion and good vibes to its owner. Every beanie holds individual handwritten quotes from our Myssy Grannies in Finnish. A translation can be provided. According to a Finnish saying “Forward, says a Granny in a blanket of snow”

Myssy's Mielinauha campaign products are "Hyvä Myssy" beanie and the "Paha Päivä" t-shirt that have been designed in collaboration with Samu Haber. Read more about the campaign here.

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