Paha Päivä t-shirt is a shirt designed for mental health campaign Mielinauha. It holds the name of Samu Haber’s new song “bad day”. This hand-embroidered t-shirt is a new opening for Myssy: It has been produced by a Finnish manufacturer in Portugal of organic cotton and embroidered with hand-dyed Finnsheep wool in Pöytyä. The t-shirt holds and idea about respecting others and being open about difficulties, It can be worn on good days just as well as bad days to remind all of us about consolation - being compassionate towards oneself and each other. You can read more about the campaign here.

T-shirt comes in two models: Unisex t-shirt and a wide cropped t-shirt for women. For every t-shirt sold we donate 10eur to the Mielinauha campaign.

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