Due to popular demand, here is our first ever Myssy Sweater as a DIY kit! This My Lato sweater is a simple and timeless garment, and it's the perfect project for a beginner. The kit includes everything you need to succeed, starting from materials to easy instructions. So if you've already done at least one of our MyMyssy DIY Kits, and you master the knit stitch, this is the project for you!

The yarn is 100% Finnsheep wool and knitting is done with circular needles.
The kit comes in five colors: natural white, natural brown, light gray, dark gray, and super popular lavender. 

Knit together with The Myssy Team

One might think that The Myssy Team is filled with knitting gurus, but truth be told, most of us have never knitted a sweater. So we've decided to knit our first sweaters together with all of you.  Mari, Päivi and Jaana will advice as Anna, Janne, Hanna, Paula and Iryna take on this fun project. We are also hosting a Knitting Live and will be sharing our progress on social media. 

This is your chance to tackle this knitting project, together with our help!

Lato neulopaita

Warning: Knitting is addictive!!

It should, of course, be mentioned, that knitting is highly addictive, even relaxing and meditative. As the famous gateway theory goes: if you knit one Myssy, you will knit a Myssy Sweater. And soon after your livingroom is stacked with bundles of yarn. As any online group dedicated to knit-addicts. 

Join our sweater project and order your kit now! We guarantee, it will be fun!

t. The Myssy Team

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