It’s official. Myssy is en route to become a global knitting movement. Our new DIY KnitKits are now available online - and already on their way to Paris! With the new KnitKits we wanted to make your knitting experience even more exciting and easy. We have thought of all the details!

Fashion doesn't get any slower than this

Whereas we will always remain the misfits of the fashion world, we might as well be the chosen ones to lead a global knitting movement: We have all the cross-generational knowledge of the Myssy Grannies that are the greatest knitting artisans in the world. We have access to the rarest yarn: Organic Finnsheep wool - lightly washed, spun and hand-dyed in Finland. We want to share all of this with our Myssy Friends around the world so more and more people pick up the needles.

They wont believe you made it yourself

You can knit like the Myssy Grannies. All it takes is the finest and rarest Finnsheep wool, some basic tools, easy-to-follow instructions from the grannies - and determination to give it a try. The first three you’ll find in the new Myssy KnitKit and the rest is up to you. The result will be the envy of your friends, and you’ll be the only one to know the secret of it.

Ajattelimme jokaista yksityiskohtaa

Our Myssy KnitKit has everything you need to knit your own Myssy garment.

The KnitKit includes:

  • Myssy Yarn
  • Easy instructins
  • A tapestry needle
  • A fabric tag to sign the name of the knitter
  • A wooden Myssy logo
  • Tread and a sewing needle for attaching

If you have problems with the instructions,  our technique videos will guide you through the techniques. We really hope we are able to spread the joy of knitting also to the ones that haven’t picked up needles yet.

Anyone who's ever finished a knitting project knows how good it feels to make something with their own hands. So what are you waiting for? Go knit yourself!

>> Learn more and get you Myssy KnitKit NOW!

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