We had the honor of designing a Myssy beanie for Nose Day, Nenäpäivä, campaign! Nose Day is based on the idea that shared humor helps to deal with difficult things and having fun allows people to come together to make the world a better place. The donations gathered go to help the most vulnerable in this world. Let’s knit the world into a better place!

Our playful Hymy-myssy beanie is designed to have fun with. Make it look like yours with a colorful pompom. Hymy Knitkithas everything you need to make your own, and from each kit 10 euros is donated directly to Nenäpävä, Nose Day, charity!

ou can also download our FREE pattern (in Finnish) and knit your beanie from other materials. We recommend using Finnish wool and donating directly to our charity efforts at Nose Day donations. 


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