A while ago we introduced you to the funkiest Pöytyä Sweater ever. Last week Farmer’s Wool Soap was launched to treat your wool garments and next week, our Myssy Friends, we are offering something completely new: Pöytyä-based natural cosmetics made from wild herbs!

You must be thinking, what is this all about? Isn’t Myssy just making those woolen garments and DIY kits? Are they now going to start selling all kinds of made-in-china key chains and logo caps just to make some money? We can promise you, we won’t. 

We want to curate to our Myssy Friends interesting offerings that meet our values and at the same time enable micro-enterprises a wider distribution and a market entry for their brilliant products. The common nominators for the offerings are locality, sustainability, and the production should be as organic as possible.  Yes, we are fans of all of these Powered by Myssy products ourselves. Our mission is to bring warmess to the world of fashion and business. 

Powered by Myssy products will be offered seasonally as well as permanently. The Wool Soap has been manufactured by a small enterprise called Gaarna, and we’ve been using it for our yarns for six months already. Good stuff, good stuff. Earlier we were ordering wool soap from Germany and that was totally uncool.

PÖYTYÄ, the home of Myssy!

We wanted to offer locals a chance to get their own legendary R-Collection Pöytyä sweater that would be the most durable and local option on the market. This sweater is manufactured by Kajaani-based R-Collection and has been woven, embroidered and cut in Finland and sewed in Estonia. The same sweater has been in production for 40 years, isn’t that quite something! 

After a long wait , the sweaters are finally here! Yan can order them from our webshop with the pre-order price and the world wide shipping takes just 2 to 6 days! Use the code PREORDER20 at the checkout.

You are welcome to join our Pöytyä* cult! 

The Myssy team

*Pöytyä is the home of Myssy. It is our little universum, where all interesting things happen. A mythical and rural county located in the national landscape of the sempiternal Aura river. It’s a calling, a choice of returning to your roots and making the most out of it. Being proud of who you are and where you come from! To wear this sweater, you don’t need to be a local. You just gotta love Pöytyä!

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