June 04, 2021

We welcome you to a river adventure to the kingdom of Myssy - Aura River! 

Aura River SUP - Powered by Myssy is a stand up paddling tour that takes place on Aura river from July 3rd to 4th, 2021, after two years break. 

The starting point is at Myssyfarmi Headquarters in Pöytyä and the entire journey from Pöytyä, Aura and Lieto to Turku is in the national landscape of Aura River Valley. You will find almost our entire team on board during those two days and you are warmly welcome to join us! The event is part of the Powered by Myssy concept. We want to enable unforgettable experiences to our Myssy Friends and locals!

You can choose from two options, the ultimate two day river adventure or one day sporting event. There is a limited amount of rental paddling boards available for those who wont bring their own board, but we strongly recommend previous experience from stand up paddling.

How did it all come together?

It all started from our CEO Anna’s love towards the local nature, particularly towards the Aura River. Few years back, the river had lost its allure for the locals as a place of leisure and enjoyment. People were wondering if it was safe to even have their dogs swim in the muddy, but clean, water. 

From 2016 to 2018 the Junior Chamber International Auranmaa organized an EU-funded Amazing Aura River SUP event that was awarded as the best and the most impactful JCI project in Finland in 2017. Suddenly the river started to interest people again, new decks started to appear on the waterfronts and the locals started to plan new swimming hubs along the river side. An idea of an official tourism route along the Aura River was seeded and in November 2020 the Aura River Official tourism route was granted a status.

After a few years break the former project manager Anna, also known as CEO of Myssyfarmi, decided it was time to give this fun event a new home and this year the event starts at the Myssy Headquarters. In the future, as our headquarters becomes even more of an event center, hopefully even more people will join for adventures at the river. Exciting!

More info and tickets (in Finnish) available here!

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