Dear Myssy friends,

This special and challenging year has treated us well.

The year started with eight weeks of rain, but with our crowdfunding campaign we were able to conquer the fashion weeks of Paris and Copenhagen, as well as the sports tradeshow in Munich. 

In the spring the whole world went into a lockdown and everyone got interested in knitting. For once we had time to try new things so we launched MyMyssy!

Then Antti from Oulu called and asked for a bucket hat. Well, we love to hear from our customers so we surprised him, and ourselves, by launching Myssyhattu hat in July. It was a huge success and next summer Antti will get his bucket hat in our spring collection. 

Our brandi film was filmed in the spring and, not to toot our own horn, but it turned out great. Thank you to Mama Creative for making it happen. This fall the film has been visible in so many channels!

In early fall our Myssy's were sent to all over the world, e.g. to Galeries Lafayette and Merci in Paris, to Isetan in Tokyo, Gravity Pop in Canada and to Toast in Britain. 

In September our bran new webstore was launched and we won gold from the Vuoden Huiput design awards. Our gift wrapping was chosen the best packaging. Oh my!

We also had a lot of press, for example our collaboration with Sasta and Spinnova got a lot of interest from the press. We also had an exciting collaboration with one of our musical idols: We created a fan product for Nightwish.

In November our MyMyssy DIY Kits made a comeback creating a movement of some sort for knitters of all ages. Also Janne was chosen as was elected as the next chairman of board of The Finnish Organic Association for 2021-23. 

Our Muodin Mustat Lampaat campaign propelled 14 Finnish fashion brands to great success and created a lot of publicity. Yet we are still in great need of black sheep wool, so if you have any at your storage, please give us a call. 

At some point our most popular products were completely out of stock. So much so that we had to guide you to go shop at one of our retailers. Myssys were in such great demand that our grannies and the spinning mills couldn't keep up.

But our grannies were the true starts of the year and our Myssy fans couldn't get enough of our Granny Calendar in December. Fortunately, the grannies have remained in good health and shown us all how to get through this difficult time with a brave and poistive attitude. We currently we employ about 60 grannies and hopefully we’ll get to meet everyone soon and maybe set up new knitting circles.

Next year will bring all kinds of exciting things. Myssy festival, knitting retreats, new products.. There are plenty of ideas so stay tuned!

Thank you for this year dear friends, and have a happy 2021!

​Anna, Janne and The Myssy Team

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