Myssy x Fiskars 

Relax and knit during the Christmas season: Myssyfarmi and Fiskars collaboration is here to encourage you to release your creative energy and knit your very first Myssy beanie!  Knitting improves your wellbeing and with the right tools, easy instructions and luxurious yarn it is easy to master your own beanie. The Myssy KnitKit includes everything that you need for knitting - also the scissors. Nothing beats the feeling of making something ready with your very own hands.

Myssy x Fiskars includes a 100 pieces Limited Edition Muffi KnitKits that include not only the Finnsheep yarn and knitting tools but also Fiskars ReNew scissors that have been made in Finland. These scissors rethink raw material by transforming consumer waste and by-product into meticulously designed, premium scissors that are 100% recyclable. Fiskars Renew scissors 20,50eur.

Learn more and order your Myssy x Fiskars KnitKit here!

And this is only the beginning, lovely knitting workshops and other events shall follow in collaboration with Myssy and Fiskars!

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