Myssy Grannies Christmas Calendar

It's time for our traditional and sweet Granny Calendar. And this year we wanted to make it better than ever: 24 videos of 24 Grannies in their natural habitat: home. You will hear the best life hacks and jokes from these lovely ladies. Not to forget the energy they spread around even through the screens.

First of December was Myssy Granny Elina's day. You can find her video here. What was her profession before retirement and Myssy career? What is the best place on Earth? What does it mean to her to be a Myssy Granny? What kind of life wisdom she would like to share with us?

Every story deserves to be heard so follow our Granny Christmas Calendar and share it with your friends.

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Positiivinen kierre jatkuu:  Nimekkäitä jälleenmyyjiä Japanista!
Positive news: Myssy makes it to Beams, JP, gains overall 15 new international retailers and has all together 229 retails stores in 19 countries

We are proud to say that this season Myssy is breaking new records in exports!
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Ainutlaatuinen lanseeraus: Myssy x Fiskars Tissit-mallisto on täällä!
An outstanding launch: Myssy x Fiskars Tissit Collection is here!

Myssy x Fiskars Tissit Collection is an outstanding collaboration to support Pink Ribbon fundraising!
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It's not Art. It's Myssy.
It's not Art. It's Myssy.

Myssy Season is here and you haven't seen anything like this before!
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