Myssy Grannies European Tour continues from Germany to Sweden!

Our Finnish Myssy Grannies are currently on a European Tour! Last week Grannies did knit beanies at a Globetrotter shop windows in Cologne, Münich and Berlin. By doing this the Myssy team wants to make our unique slow fashion concept known for the public - and have some fun with the knitting Myssy Grannies. Myssy is known for superbly responsible production practices: We employ a hundred local retired ladies that knit all the accessories by hand of local Finnsheep wool and export the transparently produced accessories into 16 countries. The tour will continue already tomorrow in Sweden as the Grannies will knit in Naturkompaniet window at Kungsgatan.

Showcasing the transparency of the brand 
“Myssy is still a small brand and we communicate our unique concept with different kinds of events, and usually the Grannies always join us for the adventure. These  grannies are the heart and soul of our brand. Being a Myssy Granny gives these ladies a new career, a new society to belong to and meaningful things to do on their retirement. Knitting in the window puts them on stage and shows their work is interesting and valuable to the public. They enjoy the attention.” tells Anna Rauhansuu the CEO and creative director of the brand.  Myssy claims no other fashion brand can bring their production to the same shop that the actual products are being sold at. “The lack of transparency is one of the biggest issues in the fashion business, where supply chains are global. Our concept is the opposite as we can name every sheep, farmer, spinner and knitter in the chain. Knitting in the window makes this seen to the public. In Finland we have done a similar event at department store windows on the main street of Helsinki and it has always been a huge success”, she continues.

Knitting workshops and window shows in three cities; Köln, Münich and Berlin
The pioneers of slowest possible fashion toured three cities in Germany: Cologne, München and Berlin for five days. For some of the four Grannies on the tour this was their first trip ever “traveling in business”, but for Pirkko Frey, 71, known as Pirre the Granny has been on a tour before. “I have been knitting on a window once before and it was so much fun! All the positive feedback I got during the day really cheered me up. The best thing about knitting are my new colleagues and adventures”, she tells. This former agricultural advisor speaks English, Swedish and German and has earlier given interviews and posing for Vogue Scandinavia. “ One can’t get away from the publicity” she says and smiles.

Pirre, Anneli, Marja-Liisa and Tutta in Germany.
Myssy is sold in all Globetrotter & Naturkompaniet stores
Partnering up with the premium German outdoor chain Globetrotter was a long term goal for our brand. “We see this as a very promising chance for our small but ambitious brand. Germany has been one of our best online markets, we know the story of Myssy resonates there. Also our cooperation with the Swedish Naturkompaniet is working super well and the event in December is already fully booked, Anna says.

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