Finn Fashion Friday on 18th until 20th of November!

There is nothing dark about Finn Fashion Friday: Responsible Finnish fashion brands challenge you to avoid the upcoming Black Friday trap and support your local brands!

The third annual FFF has established itself and doubled the amount or participants: 22 Finnish Fashion brands offer discounts and benefits during the campaign weekend. Choose carefully! Purchase your garments and Christmas Gifts this weekend from small businesses. The inflation has been a challenge to many of them, this year your support is more important than ever!

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Finn Fashion Friday brands 2022:

Aarre, Arkivé Atelier, Arela, Costo, Formal Friday, Frenn, Hálo, Kaiko, Kaino, Kui Design, Lilja the Label, Lovia, Miia Halmesmaa, Morico, Myssy, Népra, Pure Waste, Sasta, Tam-Silk, Terhi Pölkki, Vestiarium and Voglia.

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