This magnificent bucket hat has been built out of bricks and it is guaranteed to stand out in the greyness of November. This is our first ever zero waste product made out of leftovers. The Myssy Grannies have changed their knitting needles to a hook and started crocheting tiny rounds of yarn.

You can also order a Palikka Myssy Knitkit, take up crocheting and finish your own beanie in just one evening. This is a super easy crocheting project to start with! Crafting and building Legos have a similar relaxing and meditative effect. 

This Myssy beanie has been inspired by the most famous spot in Pöytyä, private Vanha-Palikka Lego museum that has already earned its reputation as a cult museum. And of course its young entrepreneur and Lego Masters competitior, Velmeri that is showing some amazing attitude and talent. Palikka means a brick in Finnish.

Palikka Myssy here!

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