Something that Myssy friends have been asking from us these past years is an added lining to our Myssy hats! As a cold vortex has taken over Finland, we have some great news for you: Now you can add an organic silk wool lining to your Myssy!

Now why would anyone want to add a lining to their hat, you might wonder? Wasn't Finnsheep wool supposed to be super soft? Yes it is, but for some sensitive skins, especially people with atopic skin, using wool directly against the skin might not be suitable. The lining makes it possible to use our wool products even for the most sensitive. The lining is made from Ruskovilla's GOTS-certified organic silk wool. It breathes and makes your Myssy even more warmer and wind-resistant, especially in frosty weather.

Currently, we recommend adding the hood to our collections with a fold, such as Farmester, Muff, Nobles, Sea A’Hoy, Kultti and kids beanies. The hood is attached with a sewing machine and it’s very flexible. Please notice that all Myssy hats should feel a little tight in the beginning, the hat adjusts to the size and shape of your head within the first week of use. Same applies to Myssy’s with lining.

We are really excited that we can finally present you this wonderful lining created by Ruskovilla!

t. The Myssy Team

Order your silk lining here!

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