Let's celebrate this week, Myssy is turning 17 today!

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Myssy is already 17 years old. How is that possible, you might wonder now? For the first ten years Myssy was just a hobby of ours, then we decided to go big. You might have heard the story of farmer Janne learning to knit in the Swiss Alps after his career in professional windsurfing. It took a week or two with big farmer hands and plenty of Finnish stubbornness to learn to master the first ever Myssy and on the 16th of January 2006 it was ready.

Well, anyone who has ever finished a knitting project knows how good it feels to make something with your own hands. So it happened to Janne as we, he got addicted. The story doesn’t tell if was knitting or all the attention he got out of it that excited him the most, but during the first ten years he knitted exactly 1000 beanies and then it was time to hand over the needles to the true masters, Myssy Grannies. Ever since we have mastered almost 80 000 Myssys and sold several thousand KnitKits to teach our Myssy Friends to knit. This week we will celebrate and introduce you with a lot of exciting news!

BIRTHDAY WEEK PRESENT: During this Birthday week we will add natural light grey Veranta headband (value 35eur) for free to all orders over 30 eur.

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