Salli, born in 1947, from Pöytyä has been a Myssy Granny already since 2014. “Everything about it is great!” Salli says. One of her highlights in recent years has been a trip to Japan with Myssyfarmi. “I could never have guessed that by knitting I could get all the way to Japan,” Salli says while smiling. Salli is a fast knitter since she can complete up to 3-4 Myssy beanies a day and up to 850 beanies last year. “Take life as it comes and don’t worry or plan too much about the future!” says Salli as her life guide.

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Marita Ekman

February 18, 2022


Olette fantastisia! Olen tilannut teiltä, ja kaikki toimii perfekt. Nopeasti, kaunis pakkaus, ei
missään mitään väärin. Kiitos!
Jos olisin taitavampi ja asuisin Pöytyässä tahtoisin tulla myssymummoksi.
Sydämellisin Terveisin

Jilly Edwards

December 25, 2021

I was given one of your WONDERFUL Beanies for Xmas today made by Salli – I love it😀 thank you so much Jilly xxx

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