Aila, born in 1946, lives in Eura and has been a Myssy Granny since autumn 2020. Aila started knitting when she was a young girl with guidance from her grandma. She has worked as an accountant and entrepreneur before her Myssy Granny career. Aila spends her free time doing different kinds of voluntary and organizational activities for example in Finnish Red Cross. She also loves to play with her dog.

Aila has not been able to attend Myssy Granny meetings because of the Corona pandemic and she looks forward to doing it as soon as the situation gets better. Aila believes that better days are coming soon. Lastly, she reveals that she would always rather knit than clean.

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Jukka Siukonen

March 21, 2023

Kiitos lämpimästä Usva-huivista! Tarvitsen niskavamman takia lämpöä niskaan. Nyt minulla on sopiva huivi!


March 14, 2023

Kiitos Aila kauniista ja lämpimästä baretista. Se pääsee mukaan talvilomme Norjaan :-)

Riitta Männikkö

January 17, 2023

Kiitos kauniista syksyn värisestä baretista. Tv Muhoksen Mimmi Riitu

Kerttu Tolonen

November 25, 2021

Kiitos Aila Myssy baretista Turku!
Nyt olen onnellinen kantaessani entisen kotikaupunkini barettia!
Hyvää Joulun odotusta sinulle!

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