10+ pcs in stock
10+ pcs in stock

Organic rapeseed oil


Unfortunately our food products are only available in Finland at the moment.

Myssyfarm's cold-pressed organic rapeseed oil is a praised and award-winning product. It is squeezed exceptionally gently from pure organic rapeseed representing the Largo variety and has a very fine taste. The oil tastes soft and nutty, the bitter aftertaste is completely absent.

The hat farm mainly uses only very high-quality organic rape grown in the fields of its own farm. Rapeseed is like wine or coffee - the choice of variety, the soil, the growing conditions, the purity of the crop and the production technique all have a decisive effect on taste. The most important thing is the use of the autumn variety, as the autumn rye has bloomed during the brightest time of the year and matured naturally in the field without drying in a dryer. In Myssyfarm's small mill, the edible oil presses are set to an exceptionally gentle pressure. The leaf green content of the oil is zero, so it withstands heating well. At its best, though, it’s on top of a salad or potato as is: a little rock salt on top and the sauce is ready.

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