The 'Creative Business Cup', a 'Creative Business Cup', won by a farm-based design company Myssyfarmi, after a rigorous race, won the Finnish pitcher competition. The final meeting took place yesterday on Thursday at the City Hall of Helsinki and Myssyfarmi is leaving to represent Finland in the Copenhagen international final competition.

In its victory lace, the Myssyfarmin Anna Peacemouth supervised the company's ambitious plans and rapid growth and development, in particular on the international market: in the two-year period, the company which has literally left the vertical hunting ground has been admitted to prestiveled fashion houses and resale is already in 15 countries. While consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the role of the fashion industry as one of the world's worst environmental disasters and child labour, the warm values of Myssyfarm have a subscription. The company that describes itself as the spearhead of the Ecolation has been able to distinguish itself in a vertically competitive fashion market and the potential for growth is high.

In Finland's final, in addition to Myssyfarm, the first waterproof wood composite developed by Woodio Oy, live performances developing digital effects, D.I.E. Tech Oy. The winner was chosen by the jury, including: Head of Culture Pirjo Airaksinen, Superson Oy, expert Antti Salminen, Business Finland and start-up business advice Ari Seppänen, NewCo Helsinki. Ari Seppänen described the choice between the strict three of the three very different finalists, each with their own set of strength. In the end, the jury found the concept of Myssyfarm to be the most prepared for the international stage: 'They will benefit most from the end of Copenhagen', describes Seppänen. The company's story, brand messages and the success of the success of the fashion market were also very impressive.

The Copenhagen Finals are being prepared for lace coaching, and in the sense of course it is a victory: ' We are better at telling stories than the Swedes and our story is real! Mysteries are the real icebreaker and the whole brand of the salt ", the peace mouth is glowing. The experience of the international magnetism of the grannies is already available: " We made the first pr event abroad on Tuesday in Zurich and two Myssygrandma flew on an adventure. In December, the grannies are invited to the largest Christmas market in Tokyo ", the sales manager Hanna Jauhill continues.

The Creative Business Cup is an annual international competition for more than 60 countries, seeking the best creative business idea in the world. The key criteria for competition are novelty and commercial potential. The finals will take place in Copenhagen from 26 to 27 November 2012.

Myssyfarmi is an organic farm and a design company for the export of accessories, whose products are produced by local grannies from the wool of local sheep. It is possible to become acquainted with the farm next week, when the open doors of Myssyfarm will take place on Saturday, 25.8 on the old farm. The authorisation shall include the whole family programme, the field cycle and the introduction of special purpose machinery for organic farming.

"Our every single Myssy is knitted by a real Myssy Grandma" We get our unique hand-dyed yarn from our own herd of Finnerty. It's all organic and original in our farm and nothing cool in the world. When the winter hits the parts. That's why people here have left the craft to knit the most perfect Myssys in the world."


Further information:

Anna Peacemouth, ceo, Myssyfarmi Oy, 0445704022,

Anu-Katriina Perttunen Network Director Creative Finland 0445345285

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