Now is the moment to do all your holiday shopping at once. These handmade gifts are loved by everyone. Hand-knitted by our Myssy Grannies, all our garments are made in Finland from 100% organic Finnsheep wool.

Still doubting? Here’s why we think Myssy is the best gift:

1. One size fits all!

Or at least 85% of our customers. In case you or your loved one has a small or big head, please mention this in the comment section of your order. Myssy hat adjusts to the shape of your head within the first few weeks of use!

2. Colors that compliment anyone

Natural colors (the shades of grey, brown and natural white) are fitting to almost anyone. Undyed wool makes the skin glow. Additionally, natural colors are easy to combine with both colorful and black winter coats.

3. Awarded gift wrapping

 If you wish, a gift package is included in your purchase - we make it easy for you! We don't want to brag here, but our gift wrapping was chosen as the best package design in Finland’s most significant creative design competition this year. These packages will look good under any tree!

4. Extended exchange policy - lifetime warranty!

We are extending our exchange policy up to January 6th for all December orders. So should the receiver of the gift prefer yellow Myssy instead of the red one - you have time to exchange it.

5. Creating well-being

When you choose a Myssy you are creating well-being and purchasing sustainably. The Grannies we employ get something meaningful to do and the Finnsheep wool we use is used instead of being burned as waste. At the moment more than 60% of domestic wool is being dumped as trash annually. This is something we are looking to change!

How to choose the right Myssy hat?

All Myssys are unisex. The edgiest ones choose an Eetteri or Albireo! Myssy hat is also a good option.

In case you are not sure which one to choose, you can always rely on the statistics:

  • The most popular model amongst our female customers is a fluffy Muffi, but even a stylish Nobles is a perfect option. For ladies, a Luksus Myssy is a luxury gift.
  • The absolute favorite of our male customers is year after year, of course, a Farmester - especially a grey one. This fall Ahtihas also been a popular one!
  • For kids, we have mini versions of Muffi and Kultti. Kids collections are specially cute with a pom pom!

Do it yourself!

This year's hit has been MyMyssy DIY kits. Now you can knit like a Myssy Granny. You can choose from five different knitting patterns.  My Panta, My Muffi ja My Originals are perfect for beginners, where as My Farmester ja My Noblesare suited for those who know the basics!

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