The Great Myssy Knitting Challenge 2022
Go Knit Yourself!

We start the year 2022 with a New Year’s resolution. And we challenge you to join! This year we are going to knit even more, aren’t we?

Our knitting challenge is almost here, but don't worry! You still have time to order your own KnitKit and take part in the challenge! We will start on 10th of January with Instagram live.

Small Myssy KnitKit Guide - which one to pick?

To make your knitting challenge (and journey) easier to start, we gathered some tips, which can help you to choose Your KnitKit from our DIY collection.

Shall we begin...

How experienced knitter are you?

I have not knitted before.

If knitting to you isn't exactly a lifestyle but more like a mythic way of doing some yarn related things, we recommend you to pick a KnitKit that is an easy one. Sometimes it might be a good idea to go for the bigger challenges, but this time, with knitting, we recommend maybe just begin with something a little easier.

Muffi and Originals KnitKits are probably the easiest ones. And they are the ones we recommend to you, if you aren't yet quite sure how to knit.

I have knitted something, some time ago...

When you already have a little experience of knitting, you can try a KnitKit that might require a little bit of understanding of the basic principles of knitting. You might still like to have an easy project or maybe you have already knitted a Muffi KnitKit and would like to try out something else.

When you kind of already know your way with the knitting needles, Ahti beanie might be a good knitting project for you. On the other hand, if you want to make something that won't take a long time to get ready, Kuisti Headband could be your match.

I have knitted smaller knitwear already

If you've already done some knitting (maybe a few beanies, mittens, or maybe something else), it could be the right time to take the next step on your knitting journey. Do you want to learn some new knitting tricks or perhaps just do something bigger?

Your next step could be the bohemian Myssy Beret. Or if you just want something that is quite simple and easy but takes longer time, then you might want to check out the delicious colors of Koski Scarf!

I am an experienced knitter and up for bigger challenges!

We try to keep our DIY KnitKits as easy as possible, but we do have some that take longer time to knit.  Actually, have you ever knitted a sweater? And have you ever knitted a sweater that is 100% organic Finnsheep wool?

For those who love to knit and wish to have some bigger knitting projects we recommend Lato Sweater and Tähkä Cardigan. On the other hand, now is the perfect time to start knitting a summer top. (We do know, that sometimes a knitting project like this can last a little bit longer...)

Knitting is a perfect hobby and we hope that many of you start their own knitting journey. What if this year, you would make a New Year’s resolution that you can actually keep? Go Knit Yourself!

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