November 09, 2018

Together with a big eco-blog Kemikaalicocktail and Noora Shingler we published an article about the waste of European and especially Finnish wool. Almost half of the Finnish wool is being burned as waste and in a meanwhile the textile industry uses wool from other continents. We are proud to use a high-quality Finnish Finnsheep wool originating at Rintala farm. We believe this high-quality wool will be a world class material in couple of years.

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Esittelyssä: Ahti, aito kalastajamyssy!
Introducing Ahti, a True Fisherman's Beanie!

September 21, 2020

This is a true Fisherman’s beanie that Ahti himself would wear. Wool is a naturally water-repellent material and our yarns contain lanolin, the natural grease of the wool, making the Ahti beanie particularly good for wet conditions.

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Uusi Myssy-filmi on julkaistu!
Uusi Myssy-filmi on julkaistu!

September 15, 2020

Ei tässä mitään muotia pyritä tekemään, joten filmikin on sen mukainen. Taattua pöytyäläistä meininkiä, traktorien pörinää, lampaiden määkinää ja kudinpuikkojen kilkettä. Dare to watch?
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Uusi kausi, uusi kauppa!
New Season, New Shop!

September 14, 2020

This Friday we published our new webstore with lot of new content, and a much better Myssy user experience.

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