We have woken up to the fact that the gender distribution of our production team is badly skewed: Among our 80 Myssy Grannies there is only one Myssy Grandpa who specializes in making tassels. This is a little concerning, especially as even many men presumably know the noble skill of knitting! So, if you know any knitting grandpas, please share this message with them!

Are you perhaps the first knitting grandpa in our production team? Why not join our merry bunch and take your friends with you too!

There is, of course, a small risk that as a groundbreaking Myssy Grandpa, you might very well become a center of attention for Myssy friends, but we guarantee that all our knitters will be spared from the spotlight if they wish so. However, we do require that you sign each Myssy product you knit with you name, so our customers can know who created their product.

We are also accepting new applications from grandmas. The criteria for all applicants is the same: you need to be retired and very comfortable to work with knitting needles. Also, a dash of humour goes a long way!

Apply now, and join our group of knitting Grandmas and Grandpas!

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