Here are the front runners of MyssyCup! Who will be the winner?

Now that Myssy has been officially announced as the coolest hat in Finland, it is time to announce the current score of MyssyCup!  Who will take the podium? Which collection was the surprise of the year? These results really did surprise us!

At the moment Muffi beanie is wearing the golden helmet and holding the top position with a clear margin to the next competitor. We do admire the talent that Muffi beanie holds in sport year after year. Also natural white Onni, light grey Jäkälä and offlila Piirtäjä have kept their positions as the most popular colors. Muffi doesn’t have problems in timing the top condition, winter is the hot season of Muffi!

We are all surprised by Myssy Beret taking the second place. This collection got a head start to the season already in April and the winter season is not slowing down this collection. Tampere in lingonberry red is the queen of all berets! Will Muffi finally meet its winner next season as Myssy Beret keeps going all year round?

The battle out of the third place was harsh, but the influencer favourite Myssy Hood and especially the night black Kosmos hood, are strongly holding the bronze medal. Considering that Myssy Hood was launched as late as in October, this is a great score! The Hood is succeeding with its versatility: It covers the head, but also works really nicely as a collar. If it wouldn’t be knitted by a Granny, it might even be really fashionable! We are certain Hood is no falling star and there are still many winter months to go. Can Hood take over the Beret? Will Nobles outnumber Hood as the spring and sun are here?

As said Nobles, our new Kuurna Myssy and of course the favourite of Headquarters Sea A’Hoy have reached a nice score and are still fiting as to athletes of Myssy Cup.

Men’s Super League was full of surprises!

The old grand master and multiyear winner Farmester beanie was defeated by youthful fisherman’s beanie Ahti. Ahti now holds a clear margin to Farmester and is very likely going to be the winner of the MyssyCup this season. “I don’t understand what does one do with a beanie that doesn’t fully cover the ears?” disapproves Farmester beanie with a little bit of bitterness in the voice. Don’t worry Farmester, you are already a legend. Nobles reached the third place also in Men’s League.

The Winner of the Knitkits is taking after beanies

Already at this point we can be certain that the Muffi KnitKit will be the winner of the season. It offers a superior knitting experience with supersoft bulky Finnsheep yarn to both a beginner and experienced player - oops, knitter. Just one evening of relaxed knitting and your Muffi beanie is ready.

With less of hassle our classic beauty, new Tähkä cardigan has taken the second place with self confidence. This organic yarn manufactured exclusively by Virtain Villa might be the most luxurious cardigan yarn in the market. Knitting a simple and fast but challenging cardigan is really rewarding and the result is outstanding.

And who wouldn’t like to knit one's own beret? The third place is held by Beret KnitKit. Surprisingly easy and yet something totally different to knit! This project is certainly not another set of wool socks.

Wait did someone just mention wool socks? Yes, those might be the winner of the next season! We have heard rumors that perfectly field-credible wool socks that also suit all urban beginners shall be launched soon…

The winner of the scarfs & tubes is En Route!

The classic Myssy Tube has finally faced another tube that scores better. “I don’t think this kind of seed stitching is a Myssy thing, but as an old master I have to admit that the result looks awesome. My congratulations for the winner!” says Myssy Tube placing third. Koski Scarf taking silver means that after years of struggle we have finally managed to produce the perfect Myssy Scarf.

We would like to remind you there in the audience that the season is not yet over! There are still a couple winter months to go and the high season doesn’t usually end at ski holidays but at midsummer holiday. There is still plenty of time for final spurt!

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