Telle, born in 1950, lives in Alastaro and has been a Myssy Granny since Summer 2021. She started knitting and crafting when she was expecting her first child. Telle crocheted a quilt for the baby and there was no turning back. Telle loves her greenhouse where she farms potatoes, carrots, beans and beetroots.

Telle says that the best part of being Myssy Granny is the kind and caring atmosphere of the Myssy team. She is a very proud to be part of it!

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Sari Auramo

December 28, 2021

Annoin miehelleni joululahjaksi neulomasi pipon ja se on jo osoittautunut todella mieleiseksi lahjaksi. Huomenna pipo pääsee “tositoimiin”, kun mökillä lasketaan talviverkot.

Nea Aminoff

December 22, 2021

Kiitos Tellelle ihanasta piposta! Oli onnistunut joululahja ja pipo pääsi heti käyttöön. Hyvää joulua!

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