Soili, born in 1948, is from Pöytyä and has been a Myssy Granny already since 2014. For her the best thing is to be able to knit as much as she wants. Soili, a multi-skilled knitter, reveals that she has never bought wool socks from a store - everything has always been handmade.

Being a Myssy Granny has also brought her the opportunity to travel: Soili flew to Japan with us in 2018 together with her sister Salli to knit in a local department store which brought a lot of new topics to share while sipping coffee at the coffee tables of Pöytyä. She also bought a pink kimono as a souvenir - as pink is her favorite color. Normally she spends her free time jogging, dancing and singing in the choir. "You can learn everything if you want to!" Soili shares her motto to inspire younger generations.

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April 12, 2022

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February 17, 2022

Maailman paras Pipo (puolukanpun. Muffi uniikki) – lämmittää sydäntä, päätä ja mieltä useita vuosia. Kiitos, Soili <3


February 11, 2022

Kiitos paljon ihanasta ja lämpimästä Suunnittelija Muffista, Soili! Aivan ihana myssy, jota tulee varmasti vielä käytettyä paljonkin <3


January 19, 2022

Kiitos Soili. Iso KIITOS lämpimästä Kosmos Myssy-hupusta. Tämä lämmittää päätä ja mieltä .


December 28, 2021

Kiitos Soili. Mahtavan lämpimän myssyn kanssa päätä ei palele.

Aurora Forma

October 20, 2021

Tänään, 20.10. hain postista Muotoilua Muffin. Kiitos aivan ihanasta piposta Soili!

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